Marco Ferrini

Founder and President of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta
Marco Ferrini (Matsyavatara das) is the Founder and President of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta and the Director of the Academy of Traditional Sciences of India. He is a counselor, a researcher and a spiritual guide. He is the author of essays and books inspired by the themes of this tradition, by Bhakti Yoga-Vedanta and by the ancient knowledge of the Vedas, antique wisdom texts recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Through his books, courses, conferences and seminars he provides tools to rediscover ones inner resources and enhance them to favor significant personal and social growth.

Marco Ferrini was born in Ponsacco (Pisa) on February 20, 1945. He completed extensive studies in various artistic disciplines, with particular interest in the history of art. He achieved the Diploma of the Education Course, at the time called Art Institute of Florence, and studied with one of the largest international antique dealers and connoisseurs of pictorial art at the time, who was particularly expert in the Italian Renaissance and French Impressionism. In 1967 he started his own career as a interior designer, which led him to collaborate with a range of industry-leading companies both in Italy and abroad, a profession he held for over thirty years with marked success.
From a young age he begun to feeling the vocation to know the basics of life. To give substance to this vocation he undertook studies to explore the Hindu humanities and spiritual sciences.

In 1970 he begun to study Western and Oriental philosophy and psychology in Italy and abroad, with applications in the industrial, collective and individual fields. Married since 1976, he has three children. In 1976 Marco Ferrini travelled to Indi where he met a Vaishnava saint, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who became his spiritual master and main inspiration for further studies and researches.

After years of study of the sacred texts and performing spiritual practice, through many trips and stays in the holy places of India, in the summer of 1995 Marco Ferrini founded the Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, a recognized non-profit cultural association, with the purpose of integrating philosophical and spiritual traditions of the East and the West.

Marco Ferrini contributes in various ways to the spreading of traditional Indian sciences through works of social solidarity and volunteering, animated by religious sentiment, making generous donations and by giving up substantial resources to make them available to this cause.
In 2000 he completed his studies in psychology and obtained a Master degree and specializations through American universities. Also in 2000 he founded the Academy of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta and established courses in Traditional Indian Sciences: Psychology and spirituality of yoga, health science or Ayurveda, sociology, pedagogy, philosophy, art and architecture. By offering teachings of universal wisdom and spirituality on the science of the being, these training programs are of help in resolving existential problems and problems within families, professional and other sectors of society fields.
Marco Ferrini has being teaching intensively for over thirty years at universities, cultural institutes, associations, religious institutions and in the context of study trips to India. From 1996 to 2001, for five consecutive academic years, he taught at the University of Siena, Faculty of Humanities, courses valid for upgrading teachers of all levels. These coursed were recognized by the Studies of Siena. He has given lectures at the University of Milan (Faculty of Political Science), University of Pisa (Department of Modern History and the Center for Bioethics) and the University of Rome La Sapienza (Department of Oriental Studies).

From 2003 to 2008 he held a number of CME (Continuing Medical Education) events, accredited by the Ministry of Health, for the training of doctors, psychologists and all health care staff on the theme: "Psychological Assistance to the Terminal Ill and Their Families."

In July 2008, the Accademia della Torre gives Marco Ferrini the Award of Castruccio, the Silver Tower, recognizing the contribution that he offered to the new interpretation of the Hindu-Vedic psycho-philosophical thought.

On the same year, Marco Ferrini founded the School of Spiritual Relationship Counseling for the Harmonization and Development of Human Resources of the Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta, recognized by the Association of Professional Counselors. The School's purpose is to train counselors in ways that are based on the spiritual tradition of yoga, focusing on humanity and on the sacredness of the being. It is with this School of Counseling that in 2010 he contributes to the creation of the Free University Counseling. Through courses, conferences and seminars, Marco Ferrini and his team offer a path of knowledge and experience to improve the holistic well-being of the individual by developing, practical solutions in everyday life, in support to those experiencing personal difficulties.

In 2012 Marco Ferrini was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of PhD in Philosophy by the India prestigious University, Dev Sanskrit University in Haridwar. He was presented with the Gold Medal and the Certificate personally by the President of the Republic of India and the Rector of the University

Following is the citation of the PhD certificate:
Marco Ferrini was awarded the title of Doctor in Philosophy in recognition for his contribution to the dissemination of the Vedic knowledge throughout the world and for being a shining example through his noble and consistent life, entirely dedicated, without any other purpose, to the authentic spirit of the Veda for the improvement and the welfare of humanity.

Consegna a Marco Ferrini del titolo Honoris Causa di Ph.D. Doctor in Philosophy da parte del Presidente dell'India e del Rettore della Dev Sanskriti University. Haridwar, India, 9 dicembre 2012

Conferenza presso Università di Bologna, Aula Magna della Facoltà di Giurisprudenza. Anno 2012.
Tema: “Capire la Morte per Capire la Vita”.

Evento presso il Salone del Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze. Anno 2009.

Tema:“Dialogo tra Divina Commedia e Bhagavad-gita”. Partecipazione al Congresso Internazionale “Life and Its Origins”, presso la Protomoteca del Campidoglio a Roma. Anno 2004
Seminario Educazione Continua in Medicina, Ospedale Bellaria, Bologna. Anno 2004.
Tema: “Psicologia dell'Assistenza ai Malati Terminali e ai loro Familiari”

Conferenza presso Università degli Studi di Bologna, Aula Magna Ciamician. Anno 2009.
Tema: “Psicologia del Ciclo della Vita”

Anno 2012, Marco Ferrini con il Corpus Accademico della DSVV
Tema:“Il Viaggio di Dante e la Bhagavad-gita”. Evento a Napoli presso il Parco Letterario della Tomba di Virgilio. Anno 2011
Marzo 2014 presso l'Aula Magna dell'Università di Bari, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Corso in “Armonia Relazionale: Trasformare la Crisi in Opportunità”


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