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Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta
Between East and West for a dialogue among cultures and experiences

Non-Profit Cultural Association founded by Marco Ferrini (Matsya Avatar das)

Special Combination of Certificate of 200 hours
“Yoga and Ayurveda Training for Self Healing”

1st Session
From September 10th-21st: “The Bioenergetics of Ayurveda”
Location: Haridwar

12 Day Ayurveda Training Course on:

The Ayurvedic approach to healing, compared to Western traditional one
Introductory study on emotions according to Ayurvedic Tradition
Philosophical, psychological and eschatological fundamentals of Ayurveda
Ayurvedic elements of anatomy and physiology: deha sharira and kriya sharira
Prana, Shrotas, Nadis e Marmas: Introduction and context
The spiritual dimension of marmas
Nadi Vijnanam: The art of reading the pulse
Prakruti and Vikruti: mental constitution and the present flow of consciousness according to Ayurveda
Organ Pulses: Energetics of body organs
Dosha subtypes through pulse reading
Dhatus through pulse reading
Introduction to Chikitsa, ayurvedic therapy and role of marmas
Marmas according to the main sources of the ancient tradition of Ayurveda and their help in developing emotional awareness. Listing of principal marmas related to emotions and their application to emotional harmonization
Tecniques of marmas stimulation: guideline for practitioners Ayurveda bioenergetics theory, technique and exercises for emotional harmonization, particularly referred to the handling of inner conflicts and to improve counseling and interviewing skills.

2nd Session
From September 24rd-28th: “International Yoga Retreat”
Location: Rishikesh

5-Day Yoga Training Course on

The Psychology of Yoga: a scientific and experimental method of studying Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and the teachings of Samkhya philosophy

Teachings on ancient Yajnavalkya Yoga

Asana and Pranayama, as specified by Yajnavalkhya’s original treaty, and Marmasthanas practices

Theory, techniques and exercises on Mantra Meditation

3rd Session
From September 29th-October 7th: “Trip to the Source of the Holy Ganges River”

The trip and trek to Gaumukh will be led by our experienced guides, who will narrate stories from Shrimad Bhagavatam depicting the birth of the Holy Ganges River. The trekking difficulty level is basic (Level 1)
Program Credential:
The Yoga and Ayurveda Training for Self-Healing is organized by CSB (Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta), in collaboration with the Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar.

Participants who will have attended the entire educational program (200 hours), from September 10th to 28th, will receive a Certificate of Attendance of “Yoga and Ayurveda Training for Self-Healing” issued by CSB, in collaboration with DSVV.

Participants can also choose to only participate to one of the three sessions, instead of the entire program.

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between East and West for a dialogue among cultures and experiences

Non-Profit Cultural Association founded by Marco Ferrini (Matsya Avatar das)
CSB is an Academy of Hindu-Vedic Culture and education in the Science of Yoga with over 23 year-history.
The word “science” refers to Veda’s ancient knowledge and its practical application in daily life.
CSB’s aim is to disseminate the Hindu-Vedic Culture and help people rediscover the roots and true essence of traditional Yoga.

We offer Online Education Courses in Traditional Sciences of India, as well as International Yoga Retreats with teacher-led classes and training courses.

CSB collaborates with international academic institutions, among them the Dev Sanksriti University in Haridwar, for scientific research in benefits of Yoga for mental and physical health.


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