Francesca Pastorino
Ayurvedic Practitioner

I miss your contagious happiness, spontaneity, joy, simple and profound.
I think of you and hold you in my heart with affection, always.
Now after 2 years from the day I finished the course of study I feel as deprived of a vital commitment .. but I know that now comes the best part .. put it all into practice, even though I have always tried to do it in many small parts of my life from the beginning.
The event of the meeting with Prof. Ferrini and all of you changed my vision of my views and has deepened and changed many desires and positive trends that were in me thus giving me the strength to work on them and pull them out with gritty sweetness.
Life goes on every day with educational obstacles, with people who seek me, call me, trust me, rely on me, and even small misunderstandings or envy which I hope and in part believe I have overcome or never experienced.
I'm happy with my new eyes, thanks for having contributed so much to make my vision more real, improved and devoid of illusion. Life is really a difficult and wonderful opportunity of evolution. big hug

Dr. Giovanni Dalle Molle
Biological Fotoiatra

I approached this path of knowledge because I believe it is a fundamental prerequisite for any other study to be undertaken. I believe that the scientific, accurate and effective way with which Marco Ferrini teaches the Vedic knowledge is unique because it can describe a culture far removed from our space and time with all its relevance and effectiveness. There is no study that brings benefit greater than the one that helps us clarify ourselves within ourselves. Thank you so much.
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